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        Shuo Heng Precision Metal Co., Ltd.

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          Retaining rings  
          Spring pin  
          Nut spring  

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        Add:Dongguan, China
        MSN: shuoheng@homail.com SKYPE: shuoeheng QQ: 569511853
              About Us
        shuo Heng Precision Metal Co., Ltd. is located in the "world factory" ---- Dongguan. Focus on the manufacturing of buckles, spring pin, elastic fasteners. The company always uphold a professional, high quality, the pursuit of excellence in business philosophy, we not only have production bases in mainland China and Taiwan parent company transferred most of the products to meet customer requirements for a higher level of quality. Industry-leading equipment and production technology allows us full confidence in both the quality and price, high quality, competitive prices and punctual delivery......
        Copyright ? 2020 Shuo Heng Precision Metal Co., Ltd.
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