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        Shuo Heng Precision Metal Co., Ltd.

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          Retaining rings  
          Spring pin  
          Nut spring  

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        Add:Dongguan, China
        MSN: shuoheng@homail.com SKYPE: shuoeheng QQ: 569511853
              About Us

                                                           Plant facilities

                                                    Corporate Culture
               shuo Heng Precision Metal Co., Ltd. is located in the "world factory" ---- Dongguan. Focus on the manufacturing of buckles, spring pin, elastic fasteners. The company always uphold a professional, high quality, the pursuit of excellence in business philosophy, we not only have production bases in mainland China and Taiwan parent company transferred most of the products to meet customer requirements for a higher level of quality. Industry-leading equipment and production technology allows us full confidence in both the quality and price, high quality, competitive prices and punctual delivery, but also along the way to obtain the favor of various manufacturers. A single test, you will learn more and you will discover a reliable supplier. Any questions or inquiries, please contact us immediately, we look forward to providing quality products and services of the Company.
               Our products have a retaining ring , spring pin , the wave washer , rapid external tooth washer , nuts  and all kinds of elastic clips . The standard covers GB GB, Japanese standard JIS, German standard DIN, American Standard ANSI and nonstandard. Widely used in various mechanical and electrical machinery, electronic appliances, sports equipment, automobile and motorcycle parts industry. Shuo constant depending on the quality of life for the enterprise, and always use the correct materials and strict quality inspection system, to make each product to enable customers to safety safely use. shuo Heng has become a high-quality buckles, spring pin of one of the leading!
               Looking ahead, Shuo constant confidence we will continue to introduce advanced equipment, develop new products and expand overseas markets, we keep the accumulation of review of beyond the self, providing customers with better products and services to create win-win!
        Copyright ? 2020 Shuo Heng Precision Metal Co., Ltd.
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